Our Story

Coming from a Mexican family, born and raised in Mexico City, I was used to eating Mexican cuisine, cooked by my grandma and my mother, as well as my husband's family. So I'm a Mexican food eater expert!

My whole life was exposed to delicious and traditional Mexican food with a very diverse cuisine from Yucatan's Cochinita Pibil and Panuchos to Mexico City's tacos and pozole.

In Mexico,
we like to add spice to any food! It doesn't matter if it's Mexican food or international food (sushi with chiles toreados, pasta, and hamburgers with salsa, and paella with pickled jalapeño pepper), Salsas are a fundamental part in the Mexican cuisine!

After coming to live in the United States, I started making salsas to feel closer to Mexican food. After a time, I decided that this salsa was so good to enhance any food that it was worth start selling it so anybody can have a little part of the Mexican cuisine in their kitchen.

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