Small-Batch Gourmet Mexican Artisanal Products.

Made with Love in New York. 

Gourmet Mexican Salsa - Mild

Gourmet Mexican Salsa - Mild

Gourmet Mexican Salsa - Hot

Gourmet Mexican Salsa - Hot

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Our Story

Coming from a Mexican family, born and raised in Mexico City,  I used to eat Mexican food, cooked by my grandma and my mother, as well as my husband's family.

With a very diverse cuisine, from Yucatan's Cochinita Pibil and Panuchos to Mexico City's tacos and pozole, my whole life, I was exposed to delicious and traditional Mexican food. In Mexico, we like to add spice to everything; it doesn't matter if it's Mexican food or international food (sushi with chiles toreados, pasta, and hamburgers with salsa, and paella with pickled jalapeño pepper). Salsas  are a fundamental part of the Mexican culture!

When coming to NY, I started making salsa to feel closer to Mexican food. After some time, I thought that this salsa was so good to enhance any food that it was worth sharing it so anybody can have a little part of the Mexican flavors in their kitchen. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Karen Olvera

Owner of Cielito Mio

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